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Angela Rodriguez


"After researching a few different schools, Didasko met the majority of my needs in pursuing a Diploma of Marketing whilst also offering a Diploma of Business as part of the course structure.

I began my Diploma in August of 2014. I had a plan to be completed by the end of the following year and looking for work by January of 2016. As a sole parent to two children under the age of four years old I needed to study in a flexible manner.

I had a few hiccups at the start of my course, however, I was afforded significant support from Ann and she never made me feel as though my questions were unfounded. After a lengthy discussion between myself and her it was found that one assessment question was too ambiguous for a course with no contact hours.

On the Monday of the last week of my course I rang Ann and said “I want to complete these last three units by Friday”. Ann gave my assessments priority and I was able to complete the Double Diploma by Thursday afternoon.

I completed my Double Diploma in record time and I was granted resume and interview coaching from Meg Thomson. It took a while for an employer to see my parental status as a point of merit, however, Meg gave me techniques to show a potential employer that my responsibilities at home did not hamper my ability to perform the job effectively. Our perseverance paid off and I am now employed as a Store Manager in a retail business with responsibilities that far outweigh the regular position description."

Wade Salmond


"Having undertaken a number of online courses I can testify from experience that Didasko Institute of Business provided regular contact and support superior to anyone else. While their academic standards were very demanding, it is this standard of education that provides the greatest depth of learning – and at the end of the day, that is what it is all about! I recommend Didasko Institute of Business to any student considering an online course of study."

Rochelle Lloyd


"I chose to study the Diploma of Business Administration through Didasko Institute of Business with the hope to learn about how companies work, the dynamics of companies, and grow my knowledge and understanding of business workings. As I had previously worked in the family business, I had basic knowledge of these and Didasko was able to give me the tools I needed to exceed further and find a job that I could apply my knowledge to.

The course was full of information, tips and tricks which I enjoyed learning. I felt that I could expand on what I knew and was able to understand a lot more of the inner workings of a business.

Throughout the course the tutors were very supportive and helpful. They made sure I understood the criteria and guided me through each stage of the course. I was able to receive help quickly when I needed it and I feel that the tutors made my study experience richer.

While studying the Diploma course I was able to add it to my resume and was successful in securing a full-time administrative job before completing the course. Once I started work and finished the course the tutors continued to support me with asking how my work was. I feel that everything I learnt benefitted me in the role I now play.

I would like to recommend Didasko Institute of Business and the Diploma of Business Administration course to all those who seek to learn about the inner workings of a business. And I encourage future students to take in as much as they can from what Didasko has to offer."

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