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Frequently asked questions

Is Didasko Institute of Business a Registered Training Organisation?

The Registered Training Organisation 22099 Didasko Institute Pty Ltd, trades as Didasko Institute of Business and Computer Power Institute.

Didasko Institute is accredited to deliver nationally recognised qualifications. Compliance is monitored regularly through internal audits and externally by government regulators Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). Didasko Institute observes compliance as quality requirements of the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015 and the current National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011.

What does ‘Flexible diploma study’ mean?

There are a number of ways studying your diploma is flexible.

  • Because your course is completely online, you have the flexibility to access your courseware anywhere you have good WiFi. All your study requirements are on the Learning Management System so you don’t need to carry around heavy course books.
  • You can choose full- or part-time study hours to work around your other weekly commitments.
  • You can do your allotted weekly hours whenever – no classes to attend (or miss!).
  • You can get time off – just like a full- or part-time job if you want or need a break (just be sure to give your Student Services team as much notice as possible).
How long will my course take to complete?

Diplomas can be completed in 18 months or less with the flexibility online learning gives you. Studying 25 hours per week on average (100 hours per month) should see you successfully complete your qualification within this timeframe. All assessments must be completed within the 18-month time limit unless special circumstances arise and a special consideration is granted.

Professional Digital Marketing Diplomas (Marketing Short Courses) can each be completed in about 30 hours.

What are the outcomes from the course?

Your diploma may lead to an employment outcome, and is a pathway to Advanced Diplomas and University Bachelor Degrees, or other Diplomas at Didasko Institute of Business.

What support will be offered to me while I study?

You will be offered as much support as you require. You can contact our trainers as frequently as you need.

Will I be able to talk to other students about the course and discuss any issues relating to the course I'm studying?

Yes, peer-to-peer support is provided through student forums that are available through your Learning Management System (LMS) individual portal and our student Facebook group.

What job opportunities are there in the industry?

You have access to our careers and placement consultants who can discuss the opportunities available to you.

What material and equipment will I require?

You require a computer with a reliable internet connection. All study resources (content and assessments) will be provided as part of the course.

What are the prerequisites?

Demonstrate you have completed Year 12 (certificate) or complete our Pre-enrolment Assessment.

What should you consider in choosing an education provider?

Read the ASQA fact sheets for more information.