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We understand that having a qualification is often just another step towards landing your dream job. Our Career Support Centre is here to support and help you reach that dream.

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Career Support

Become a standout candidate

The global demand for business graduates means that there has never been a better time to start your new career.

Because we understand that having a qualification isn’t always enough to guarantee you your dream job, we have developed a Career Support Centre to further support you. You will have access to our online resources and our Career Development team who you can work with one-on-one. During your one-on-one sessions, you will learn job-seeking techniques, interview tips and further develop your soft skills (interpersonal skills).

Together we will help you become a standout candidate so you achieve your career goals faster.

Your qualification and the skills and support you will receive from our Career Support Centre will empower you to develop your career and reach your goals.

Career paths

Business Degree Students that have a passion for career progression are ideal candidates for roles such as:

Executive Officer
Program Consultant
Program Coordinator
Marketing Assistant
Executive Personal Assistant
Office Administrator
Project Assistant
Product Manager
Administration Manager
General Office Manager
Office Manager